Things to Think About When Dealing With Loss

Everyone experiences losses throughout their lives. A loss is something that has happened in your life that has caused you grief, or sadness, whether on a very small scale (such a losing your favorite pencil), or on a grand scale,( such as the death of a loved one, or the family pet).  In an earlier blog post, I discussed the stages of grieving, and offered some of the content from my book, that helps you analyze your losses.  This post features some things to keep in mind regarding loss:

*Don’t hurt others because you’ve been hurt.

*You can’t solve your problems by escaping from them.

*Realize when you are hurting.

*Don’t let yesterday rule today.

*Take the first step towards forgiveness.

*Benefits come from each failure or disappointment, if you look hard enough.

*Walls that you’ve built are not sturdy enough to keep you strong.

*Healing brings forgiveness.

*Recover for yourself first.

*Let go of pain.

*Don’t wallow in self-pity.

*Forgiveness replaces bitterness.

*Layers of resentment bury joy.

*Give the gift of forgiveness.

*Release feelings in a healthy way.

*The future is never as dark as the past.

*Life can be changed, by changing your thinking.

*Everyone thinks their load is heavier.

*Tie a knot and hang on when you feel that you are at the end of your rope.

*If you want a rainbow, you have to get through the rain.

If one or more of those sayings rings especially true to you, consider writing it out and placing it on your mirror, so you can be reminded of it.  Remember also the saying:  This too shall pass.

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