Healthy Holiday Gifts for Your Tween or Teen


hi Everyone.  I’m bringing back this post from last year, because I believe so strongly that kids want (even though they might not realize it) and need healthy gifts.

It seems like electronics are the go-to gift for kids.  But, why not think more broadly about the individual?  Why not encourage a healthier lifestyle by finding just the right gift to help your child mature  personally, emotionally, physically, socially, intellectually, or ethically?  Here is just a starter list of ideas:

*Promise a year’s worth of lessons, in whatever he/she is interested in learning about.  Suggestions are:  art, dance, a musical instrument, martial arts, gymnastics, fencing, fly fishing, swimming, golf, archery, tennis, figure skating, skiing, equestrian skills, etc.

*Give coupons for trips to specific locations:  the zoo; a museum; a water park; a concert or play, a professional game, or competition; a fishing trip; or a shoe store.

*A one year membership to the local gym, (perhaps a family membership?).

*A basketball hoop in the driveway.  (Family games of “Horse” and “Bump” can help with bonding, and skill development, physically and socially).

*A family ping pong table in the garage or basement. Again, this can be such a bonding experience for the whole family.

*Board games, especially ones that challenge the intellect, and encourage social interaction:  Scrabble and Pictionary are good examples.

*A trampoline, (with safety nets).

*Equipment or supplies such as:  hand weights; a yoga mat; swim goggles; a pedometer; bike accessories; juggling balls or pins; a bowling ball; golf clubs or balls; skis or ski boots; a fishing pole or tackle box; art supplies; a sewing machine, etc.

*Clothing for a specific sport or activity.

*A gift card at a sporting goods store, book store, art supply store, or musical equipment store.

*A coupon for time spent with you, doing the activity or their choice.

Some of the suggestions I have listed that are smaller in size, or are coupons, would simply make good stocking stuffers.  I hope this has helped you think more broadly about gifts for your tween, teen, or your family in general.  Wishing you Merry Fitness and a Happy New You and Yours!

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