Are You and Your Kids Working on ALL Areas of Health and Wellness?

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I am passionate about health and wellness, and love to share my enthusiasm for the topic.  The first thing I like to point out is that health, (i.e. our state of wellness), isn’t just about how we take care of ourselves mentally and physically.  There are six areas of health, (also known as the six areas of maturity) that we can work on throughout our lives. Those areas are: PERSONAL, EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, INTELLECTUAL and ETHICAL health, or maturity.

Here is an overview of those six areas:
• Personal Maturity—gaining self-knowledge and self esteem by trying to work on feeling
better about ourselves and our potential.
• Emotional Maturity–being aware of and able to understand and control our feelings
and thoughts; developing a positive outlook on life.
• Physical Maturity—taking good care of ourselves as our bodies grow and develop,
especially in terms of a healthy diet, adequate exercise, getting enough sleep,
and staying safe.
• Social Maturity—making and keeping friends; improving communication skills; and
being at ease with a variety of people.
• Intellectual Maturity–understanding the importance of learning about the world around
us; gaining knowledge about our interests; expanding our creative minds.
• Ethical Maturity–developing a sense of right and wrong; deciding how we want to be
perceived; becoming a responsible citizen.

So, take a moment to think about each area and ask yourself these questions:

1.  How am I doing in this area?

2.  Where do I excel in this area, and where do I see a need for self-improvement?

3.  What goals can I make for self-improvement in each of those six areas?

I hope this post has helped motivate you towards working more holistically on your own wellness, as well as the wellness of the children in your family.  Perhaps there are some family goals that can be made as well!

-Ms. Goals R. Us

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