Drop Kick the Devices for a Day


So, the holiday season is here, and it seems like a fitting time to make the goal as a family of going device free for a day.  I was so proud of the mother at the quick oil change store yesterday, because her son asked her if she wanted him to retrieve her phone that was left in the car.  She replied that she didn’t want it, and they proceeded to play I Spy.  They were having fun, and certainly bonding more than if one or both of them had a phone in hand.  I realize that Pokemon Go is a fun family activity, but how about trying to go without any electronics for a day?

Here are some suggestions of what to do together instead:

*Board or card games

*Look at an Atlas or a globe.

*Go on a nature walk or a bike ride.


*Shop for a gift for an underprivileged child or family.

*Paint the child’s room.

*Make greeting cards, and/or write letters.

*Make a scrapbook or a family collage.

*Plan and prepare a family meal.

*Go to the local park and throw a Frisbee, play on the equipment, or shoot baskets.

*Hit golf balls at a driving range.

*Thrift store shopping.

*Sew, mend, or recreate clothes.

*Make a wallet or something else with duct tape.

*Play jacks or marbles, or work with Legos.

*Make play dough, or use Sculpey.

*Go through the newspaper, or read a book.

*Take a field trip to the library.

*Get visitor passes to a local gym.

*Visit a music or art supply store.

*Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

*Create a Scavenger Hunt in your neighborhood.

*Play Hide and Seek, or Kick the Can.

*Play Charades.

*Learn Yo-Yo tricks, card tricks, or try juggling.

*Plant bulbs, and/or an herb garden.

*Make and fly paper airplanes.

*Practice yoga or some other relaxation technique.

*Go swimming.

I hope these suggestions were helpful, and that you have a wonderful and healthy holiday season.




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