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Hi Everyone.  Here’s something that would be good for adults as well as the kids–Affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements that you need and want to remember about yourself, and about life in general.  It’s a way of changing your thinking from the negative to the positive side, with the use of repetition and visualization.  For example, you might be someone who puts yourself down when you make mistakes.  Down deep you know that everyone makes mistakes, but you need to remind yourself that: You are lovable, even when you have a problem or make a mistake.

So, check out the attached three pages of affirmations.  Pick out the ones that you need to remind yourself of the most.  Print and cut them out.  Or, make them larger and more decorative on another piece of paper.  Than, tape them onto your mirror, kitchen cupboard, locker, any place where it will be right in front of your face, reminding you just how awesome you already are!  Stop and read your affirmation(s) often, until they are ingrained in your mind and you believe them, because they are all true statements.

Note:  The fonts that I put on the pages in my book are much more attractive than what appears here.  But, hey, it’s the affirmations, not the ‘look’ of the affirmations.  Enjoy.

Download (PDF, 153KB)



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